Jump Ball

We want to connect you to the TAC with the capacity, capability, and competence to assist you!

The Jump Ball Initiative (JBI) taps into the innovative capacity and capabilities of the network of Canada’s 67 Technology Access Centres, including over 2,000 business innovation experts and almost 4 million square feet of dedicated applied research space.

Give us five minutes of your time to make the request, and we'll connect you to the TAC that can help.

Canada’s TACs are specialized applied research and development centres affiliated with publicly-funded colleges and cégeps. These demand-driven centres, from across Canada, help innovative small Canadian businesses get more innovative and productive by:

  • conducting applied research and development projects focused on company problems;
  • offering specialized technical services and objective advice; and
  • providing training related to new types of technology, equipment and processes.

We have a dedicated point person at each of the 67 TACs eager to rapidly respond to your innovation-related inquiry if their TAC is equipped to assist.

Simply fill in the inquiry form that applies to you with as much detail as you’re willing to share. The TACs will review it and Tech-Access Canada will promptly provide you with a curated list of TACs who have volunteered to assist, as well as their points of contact.


jump ball noun

Definition of jump ball

: a method of putting a basketball into play by tossing it into the air between two opponents who jump up and attempt to tap the ball to a teammate

A jump ball is simply a method used to begin or resume play in basketball. It is similar to a face-off in hockey, but since Canada invented both sports, we got our pick of the two and went with Jump Ball.

In basketball, two opposing players attempt to gain control of the ball after an official tosses it into the air between them. While the 48 minutes of the game can be intense, all players are friends and colleagues off the court when the final whistle blows.

At Tech-Access Canada, we wanted to tap into that competitive but collegial spirit with the Jump Ball Initiative for the TACs.

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